How to run the successful business with help of pub machines

If you want to develop your pub business, then you need to make use of pub machines with their properties. Actually, these can be distributed to minimum 10% of pub’s income and in some cases, as much as 50%. However, this is just an amount that cannot be discounted. In fact, many people are going to pubs sitting in misery and not purchasing anything, but a nip of beer. If you had a machine then you can increase your profit. In these days, governments allow the pubs and clubs to have their own pub machines for free. These are miniature lottery system providers, so the pub goers can enjoy a lot. As long as, 20% of profits are donated to charities and any profits that had been earned from this fruit machine, which could be used for whatever purpose that owner views fit.

Normally, the pub sets consist of one …

All You Need To Know When Designing An Exhibition Booth Singapore

It is important that the stand at the fair has a visual impact that potential customers can attract. The purpose of the decoration is that it should help to increase sales, and this can only happen when people are attracted by the booth. The exhibition should be attractive and have a professional appearance. Only then will potential clients be attracted to the complainant.

Basic Ambience

It does not matter how big or small the booth is. What matters is the way to use the available space. Do not litter the space in the exhibition area. Seating and display materials must be well-spaced and look good all the time. If it is visually attractive, it will attract more customers.

Be Organized

This is the key to improving business. Do you have all the materials related to your stand organized in good order? If there are objects on the display, they must


AweSoMe. :p 
Had been to the HK Pub Crawl, but was pleasantly surprised by the vibe of the Singapore Pub Crawl – from the chill to the wild, these pple are crazy man and yet down to earth – u can def be assured of a pretty good night partyin out, esp on wkends. The pubcrawl makes it easy to just hang out and explore the local pub/club scene coupled w decent drink deals as well. Kudos to the great crew as well. Def stay the night, make it a repeat, and have an amazing time, cheers! 🙂

Singapore, Singapore

21 April 2014
Amazing Time 
What a wicked pub crawl. Been on a few over the years and this was certainly the best. Great way to meet random people when travelling. Was travelling alone for a few days and was good way to

Corporate & Private Events

Singapore Pub Crawl is a one-stop shop for all your corporate and private events. From organisation to execution, you can be assured that we are with you every step of the way.

Our aim to is to not only have your event run smoothly but also ensure that YOU, our client, and your guests have fun.

After all, that is what we are all about.

Corporate Events

We have also expanded our operations to also include corporate events and these could range from staff retreat to celebrations at the office. Our previous clients include American Association of Singapore, JWT, AXA, DBS, HSBC and many more.

We collaborate with our esteemed partners to include workshops that target on team building and boosting morale in office.

Do give us a call or drop us an email with your request and our events manager will get back to you with the necessary details!…

Singapore’s Favourite Nightlife Activity!

That’s right! We’re Singapore’s favourite social nightlife experience and if you’re looking to have a night out with a great crowd, visit a few bars and end the night in one of the best clubs in town, you don’t have to look any further!

Singapore Pub Crawl was founded based on passion – a passion for meeting new people, good conversations, fun nights and well, cheap drinks. It was incepted in 2011 and has since conducted hundreds of crawls. We are now rated Singapore’s top nightlife attraction on TripAdvisor!

Come and party with us as we discover the hidden bars within Singapore’s best party spots and we assure that you get to enjoy a nice buzz without exorbitant prices, get a chance to meet new people, have a good banter and most importantly have an AWESOME night out.

If you’re visiting Singapore, this is a great chance for you to …

Finding companionship in Singapore

So you are planning for a holiday vacation but you have nobody to give you a company. As you know, a lonely vacation offers nothing to enjoy. You need somebody to watch with the beauty of nature as you stroll around the beautiful white sand beaches of Singapore. However, finding a companion isn’t going to happen while you are comfortably seated on your coach watching that favorite TV show. You have to go an extra mile and look for a companion beyond the usual dating apps.

So, how are you going to do it? The article below gives five popular places to find companionship in Singapore.


If you want to meet someone whom you share the same interests and hobbies, then the workshop is a good place to start. We have various workshops for instance music, sports, yoga lessons and more. Remember almost half of the participants attend workshops …