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AweSoMe. :p 
Had been to the HK Pub Crawl, but was pleasantly surprised by the vibe of the Singapore Pub Crawl – from the chill to the wild, these pple are crazy man and yet down to earth – u can def be assured of a pretty good night partyin out, esp on wkends. The pubcrawl makes it easy to just hang out and explore the local pub/club scene coupled w decent drink deals as well. Kudos to the great crew as well. Def stay the night, make it a repeat, and have an amazing time, cheers! 🙂

Singapore, Singapore

21 April 2014
Amazing Time 
What a wicked pub crawl. Been on a few over the years and this was certainly the best. Great way to meet random people when travelling. Was travelling alone for a few days and was good way to get that social element. Diverse mix of people, and even a number of people who live in SG were on the tour. Pretty good value drink deals. Bars quite close together too. The people running the tour were friendly and kept the party going which was great. Wicked time!

Guy A

19 April 2014


PROS- Great way to meet people and have a crazy night in SG if you are alone!!
I came late and I joined the crawl at the 2nd pub. The free shots only had a bit of alcohol but they give you waaay more than One shot at each bar. (3-4 each) Even while walking on the street, they poured shots in to our mouths! This makes it more fun and you get to enjoy the whole night without passing out early!

CONS- Only part I didnt enjoy much was that they made us chug our drinks if we were drinking with our right hand (or left, cant rememeber).. This gets annoying after you pay $13 a drink and have to chug it and get a new one. Also you forget which hand they keep talking about (I had to chug 4 times)

IMPORTANT!! – LOTS OF PICS ARE BEEN TAKEN BY THE CRAWL PHOTOGRAPHER! make sure to check their facebook Page the next day and get whatever pics u dont want removed!

+ Our Master Crawler Lynn made sure everyone was safe and having a great time!! It wouldnt have been this awesome without her!!
Cant wait to do this again!!!

Lee S
Geneva, Switzerland

19 April 2014

Super Pub Crawl 

Hei everyone!!! I came to Singapore for three months ago and during the first weekend a friend took me to the Pub Crawl and after that I was hooked. The atmosphere is great during the crawl and much of the good feeling is created by the staff and especially the leader Lynn who makes everybody want to party the whole night long. I have had a lot of fun during the crawls and if you are alone in Singapore and want to meet up with people join the pub-crawl. A most do for everybody in Singapore who wants to experience the nightlife.

Singapore, Singapore

05 April 2014

SingAmazing crawl 

I visit the crawl last week end with my girlfriend and best friend and it was so much fun, the host(Lin) have a very strong voice and she was GREAT! she made everyone prety much drunk and take care of us realy well. I think the other girl should work more and not using her phone and talk to every one and not guy only. Look a little uncomfortable but at the end of the night we have a very very good time!

Bangkok, Thailand

28 March 2014