Get a Cheaper Property During Condo Launch

Are there enough funds to purchase a condo? This has become a common question most young people have in their minds as they decide to invest in real estate for the first time. The question arises because they’ve been listening to older people with an old mindset. Besides, they have that notion of arranging down payment money and repaying in installments. This thought isn’t true anymore because you may get a loan and purchase your desired home during the condo launches at Some individuals say that if they can easily pay rent, why not just buy a house and get relieved from the stress of paying rent every month.

Purchasing a house means that you may sell it later, even at a higher price than the buying price. You may thus, in the long run, make a profit. Isn’t that a nice thing? Of course, it is, and no person wants not to get profit from their investments.

 Here are some tips for getting a property as a way of investment:

Your needs and budget

These are two things to keep in mind immediately you plan to purchase a house. Budget planning implies you should take into consideration all of your monthly expenses. After planning your budget, you may therefore look for a house to purchase.

Projects that are in higher demand

Ensure you get a property that has all the latest amenities since they are in demand now. There is no way you will go for a property that doesn’t have good services. You should get a property that has amenities like a swimming pool, lounge, fitness station, and parking area. These services will make your life enjoyable and also easy. Investing in properties during condo launch is your way to receive a cheaper property you’ve been yearning for.

The location of your condo

You must, first of all, do your little research of the location of the premise you desire. Not all properties are situated in a good area. You don’t want a poorly designated premise, do you? You should look for a condo that is located at a central place where you can easily access most of the social amenities. You will surely get a condo at a fair price and at a great location during its launch.

Since different condo properties have different facilities as well as features, you should know the facilities that are on offer before investing in any property.

Bottom Line

Booking condos during their launching is very important. If you purchase a condo while it’s being launched, you will be able to buy it at a lower price than purchasing it when it’s completed. So, if you want to reduce the cost of buying a condo, purchase it when it’s being launched. This is because the price will appreciate and increase during the construction period. The price tends to rise significantly from the launch date to the completion date, after which the rate of appreciation decreases. As such, it’s a financially viable option to buy a house at an appropriate place in Singapore during the condo launch.



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