Macbook repair to fix frequent problems

A large number of professionals, business owners and others are using their MacBook for professional and personal work. They are doing most of their work on the MacBook and also storing important data. So when the MacBook is not starting or malfunctioning, it is very inconvenient for the MacBook user, since they cannot access their data and software programs installed. While most MacBook users will try to fix the MacBook problem themselves initially, often they do not have the experience and tools to fix the problem. Hence they will have to visit a reputed service center in Singapore like Esmond for MacBook repair. Some of the frequent MacBook problems faced and methods of repair are discussed.


MacBook starting problems

One of the major problems faced by Macbook users is that the MacBook does not start when the power on button is pressed. There could be multiple reasons for this problem. In some cases, there is a problem with the button or a loose connection. Often the power supply or motherboard is damaged due to a short circuit or water/liquid spillage on the MacBook. The experienced technicians at Esmond, will identify the real cause of the problem and then inform the MacBook owner about the cost involved. On approval of the repair cost, the MacBook startup problem will be fixed 


Battery charging

Another problem faced by the MacBook owner often is that the battery does not get charged or is getting drained quickly. Using the testing equipment, the technician will determine whether there is a problem with the battery, charger, or connecting cable. After this, the malfunctioning component may be replaced. Usually, the battery will last at least 5-6 hours under normal conditions, yet if the settings for the battery are changed, or some application is consuming more power, the battery will last for less time. The technician will first check the settings, and if this does not solve the problem, the battery will have to be replaced.



The screen of the MacBook may develop cracks if it accidentally falls from a height, or hits a hard object. This makes it difficult to read the information displayed on the screen. So in this case, it is recommended that the MacBook screen should be replaced at the earliest. Esmond has MacBook screens available in stock. So a customer with a damaged MacBook screen can get the screen replaced quickly, usually within a few hours, if he visits the Esmond office. The technician will remove the damaged MacBook screen and replace it with a new screen so that the user can resume using the MacBook. 


Other problems

The keyboard is an electromechanical device, and if more pressure is applied to the keyboard, or the keyboard is used for a longer time period, the keys may disintegrate or break off. Though an external keyboard can be used, it is inconvenient, so it is better to get the damaged keyboard replaced. The data stored in the MacBook may get corrupted, and the service center can help in retrieving the data which is lost or corrupted, using the data recovery tools available.



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