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Where to Buy Italian Wine Singapore

Since there is a global pandemic, dining in at restaurants is strictly prohibited. However, that won’t stop us from drinking wine knowing all the health benefits it has. There are some restaurants all over Singapore that are still open during the pandemic. For them, it is business as usual and you can enjoy their delicious food by giving them a call. Here are some restaurants that would allow you to take home or deliver their food and drinks:

Al Borgo

Al Borgo’s Spaghetti and Fettuccine are the highlights of their menu. You will notice that there are some Italian wine Singapore choices there and they are all pretty nice. In fact, you may order more bottles than you would have imagined by the end of the night. There is nothing wrong with that if it would make you feel relaxed. There is no doubt you will go home pretty satisfied after having some of Al Borgo’s specialties. They would want nothing more than to tickle your taste buds in more ways than one. There is a reason why they have a lot of positive reviews to their name.


This place has a fine selection of Italian wine Singapore. Better ask the server for some nice recommendations and you will definitely be blown away. There used to be a happy hour here for their alcoholic drinks but now that is temporarily out of the way. Yes, you are not alone in wishing when things will go back to normal. The specialty in this place is the seafood dishes. They make sure their seafood ingredients are freshly caught for some top-quality food. When their seafood dishes are paired with Italian wine, you know you are going to get a nice combination.


The interiors of Limoncello are magnificent so it is a shame how you can’t dine in here. It will only be a few months before you can enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant though. They are also known as one of the restaurants in Singapore that serve fine pizza. They take their pizza seriously so they have the freshest ingredients. You know you are going to get your money’s worth when you dine in this restaurant. The moment you try their food, you may end up looking forward to the next time you visit their restaurant. It is that good and it won’t be long before you recommend them to your friends.

Now that you know the places where you can get Italian wine Singapore during these trying times. you should check the map for the location of these restaurants. You know that there will be times when you will find difficulties in hailing a cab gong to these places. If you live near them, then you should consider yourself lucky. There are some people who would feel no pressure in going to these places. They know that even if they travel a long distance, their travel would be worth it as long as they get what they came for.



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